Growth Hacking Agency


Think With Us

Fly us in for a one day brainstorm to discuss your ultimate growth challenge. We generate out of the box ideas to bring more traffic to your website, sell more units of your product, … As a deliverable of this day, you’ll receive a detailed overview of all our ideas. We prioritize them for you based on effort vs impact.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We look at various points of entry to the product and help you to create A/B landing page experiments together with optimizing all external CTA copy to increase Conversion Rate throughout the whole use flow and experience.

Growth Challenge

Sick & tired of your unrealistic KPI’s? That’s where we come in. For us, KPI’s are not the goal, the way to achieve them is our goal. Fact is; traditional marketing channels are saturated! Therefore we have to come up with new strategies and tactics. Our mantra? Don’t spend more than your competitor, just act smarter.

Techstack Analysis

At Trigger we’re all about Tools, Tools, Tools! We can help your company to choose & implement the right set of tools to achieve your goals. A great toolstack is key to measure all your efforts, it’s to only way to make data-driven decisions.

Side Project Marketing

For us, side project marketing is the next big thing. Blogging and other SEO tactics take ages to drive traffic. Side projects are the ultimate alternative to get you instant traction. After 1 day of ideation and brainstorming, we select and develop 3-5 side projects that can be executed in a short period of time.

Marketing Automation

We can help you to automate as many marketing workflows as possible. Our goal is to give every website visitor an approach, as personal as possible. Since MA software is quite expensive we offer tailor-made plans for any budget, really any budget. 


Customers love Trigger

  • Full stack marketeers are a very rare breed. Luckily I had the opportunity to work with Yannick on a wide variety of growth & automation campaigns. He is always on top of the latest (experimental) tools and techniques and is able to apply them on real business projects. Light on the buzzwords, strong on results. Highly recommended!

    — NICK DE MEY – Co-founder Board of Innovation

Some companies who love working with us.

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