Growth Delivered.

Team culture

The key values we want to share with you and our customers.


At Trigger we are DO’ers! We love to build, create and break stuff. We are always operating on the edge while aiming to deliver fast. Working hard to reach our common goals is what we preach.


We always start with the ‘why’. By challenging everything and especially each other, we’re continuously looking for improvements and ways to do things better and more efficiently. Self improvement is key.


As true Growth Hackers, we really love experiments. Therefore every team member has a monthly budget to work on side projects. We are continuously testing new tools and ways to reach the goals of our clients.


We are positive thinkers! We see no obstacles or problems, only solutions and opportunities. No situation is bad, therefore we do not complain or criticise. By being optimistic we reach our goals as a unit!


To us, sharing knowledge is key. As a team we swear by teaching each other new things. Our approach has no secrets, we share all of our tricks and tactics. If people have questions on Growth, we want to help!


Cliché or not, we work hard to play hard. And no, this is not a promise where only the first half is true. We don’t need an occasion to raise the glass on Fridays, we do it, because we deserve it. Cheers!


We need the people with the right edge.

Vacancy Growth Manager

You live at the intersection of marketing and product development, and are focused on customer and user acquisition, activation, retention, and upsell. You make sure the right data infrastructure is in place and are able to conduct marketing from a lean approach.

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Vacancy Growth Hacker

You are creative, analytical, and driven to help (online) businesses grow. Marketing interests you but you are more fascinated by growth. You know everything about the growth hacking process and have a broad knowledge of the newest tools.

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Vacancy Technical Marketer

You are hands-on person with a can do mentality and interested in all things digital. You work well-structured and communicate well about your progress.

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Internship Content Superhero

You are born with creative DNA, especially with a flair for engaging content that can drive traffic and leads. You are eager to test new tools and practices to score maximum value of any content you create. In short, if you were a superhero, content marketing would be your super power.

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